Careers in transportation, distribution and logistics involve planning, management and movement of people, materials and goods by road, pipeline, air, rail and water, as well as related professional and technical support services such as transportation infrastructure planning and management, logistics services and mobile equipment and facility maintenance.

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Replace broken components
                        Reassemble repaired electric motors
                        Rewire and repair electrical systems and accessories
                        Supervise repairs and installations
                        Monitor tool and part inventories
                        Enforce health and safety laws
                        Inspect workplace environments
                        Coordinate safety programs
                        Manage route activity
                        Control operations by gathering logistics data
                        Maintain logistics databases
                        Examine delivery for improvements
                        Oversee regional and local sales managers and staff
                        Resolve customer complaints
                        Negotiate price and terms of sales and service 
                        Study expenses to increase profits
                        Pilot airplanes
                        Operate locomotives 
                        Drive trucks or buses
                        Study traffic conditions
                        Design transportation policies
                        Oversee construction of roads, airports and bridges
                        Examine transportation vehicles to detect damage 
                        Inspect sources of pollution
                        Supervise workers storing and shipping products
                        Implement safety and security programs
                        Coordinate delivery times
                        Stock warehouses