Careers in agriculture, food and natural resources involve the production, processing, marketing, distribution, financing and development of agricultural commodities and resources. These include food, fuel, fiber, wood products, natural resources, horticulture and other plant and animal products/resources.

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Coordinate activities that contribute to the production, processing and distribution of agricultural commodities and resources
                    Promote agricultural products
                    Help finance agricultural businesses
                    Develop new ways of producing and processing meat, poultry, eggs and dairy products
                    Study genetics, nutrition, reproduction, growth and development of domesticated farm animals
                    Inspect and grade livestock food products
                    Purchase livestock
                    Work in technical sales or marketing of livestock
                    Conduct hazardous-waste management studies
                    Evaluate environmental hazards, offer analysis and containment
                    Develop regulations to prevent environmental mishaps
                    Design municipal sewage and industrial wastewater systems
                    Analyze and research environmental projects
                    Discover new food sources
                    Analyze food content
                    Develop ways to process, preserve, package or store food
                    Create new food products
                    Inspect food processing areas
                    Protect natural resources
                    Develop, maintain and manage forests and rangelands
                    Catch and trap marine life
                    Work at recreational sites
                    Provide habitats for wildlife
                    Study plants and their growth
                    Use genetic engineering to improve crops
                    Develop ways to improve seeds
                    Apply engineering, hydraulics, pneumatics, electronics, power structures and controls to farming
                    Design agricultural structures
                    Design machinery and equipment
                    Conserve soil and water for farms
                    Improve processing of agricultural products